What we do to help you achieve your online marketing objectives.

Website Design

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A website presents limitless possibilities for interacting with customers across the globe. A website has the power to help you tell your distinctive story to the world – building loyalty and credibility while showcasing the value you offer. Owning a website in today’s digitized and technology driven environment cannot be overemphasized, a website serves as the natural hub for showcasing an organization’s marketing, branding and communications activities. It is also the first port of call for client enquiries, it has become a company’s brand representative, it is no longer an option, and a business without a well-designed, attractive and dynamic website will instantly lose credibility when clients or interest groups visit online.
At Devcounty, we don’t believe in a once size fits all approach, we create customized websites to suit our clients’ needs and service offerings. We take into consideration visuals, functionality and user experience in website development.

Digital Marketing

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The way people opt for products or services today is different from how it used to be in the recent past. Nowadays majority of customer purchase decisions are made based on search engine reports from the likes of Google, Bing, and other search engine platforms.

Data that determines what a search engine report says about your brand to a prospective customer is generated using a collection of parameters such as reviews from people that have used or engaged your brand, how many relevant content a brand has contributed or posted online regarding its value propositions and market offerings and how many websites think your content is relevant and promotes it. All the aforementioned criteria informs search engines on how to position your brand or products online.
At Devcounty we create and execute effective digital strategies that ensure and enable a successful and profitable online positioning for the brands we manage.


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At Devcounty, we are strong believers and advocates of the quote “Content is King” because one of the major determinants of getting a prospective customer to buy into a brand or engage a service is the image a brand projects, which we strongly believe is shaped by the content it deploys. One of the best ways to achieve this, is constantly engaging the target audience through the creation of engaging and relevant online content that addresses a need or problem i.e. developing content around a brand’s offerings that help customers fulfill a need or solve a problem.
At Devcounty, we create sound, relevant and engaging content that resonates with your target audience, with the goal of gaining their buy-in, making a sale, and wining their loyalty.

App Development


Our app development team is made up of well experienced and knowledgeable local and international experts. We engage a state of the art application development framework, which ensures the creation of best in class apps to suit your requirements and meet the needs of target end users. From interface design to the final build and launch, you will get a second to none service with Devcounty.