How To Choose The Right Online Platform For Your Business

In Nigeria, business owners are learning the need for digital awareness and publicity. A lot of businesses are setting up social media accounts, building online communities all in a bid to increase their brand awareness and customer base.

It is important also that one doesn’t spend time and effort on platforms that will never yield any profitable results primarily because their audience/ customers are not on those platforms or because those platforms do not support the kind of content you should be sharing.

So there is a junction at which every start up owner or company has to decide which road to take and that is; Which platforms are right for my business? This might seem like a very big question considering that you might not really know what platforms are out there for your use.

Like I mentioned earlier, you could decide to build a community, showcase and advertise on social media or send text messages or emails etc.

The Platforms you choose depend on

  1. Customer persona
  2. Type of business
  3. What the platforms are for

Your customer persona simply means who your customers are. Knowing the kind of people you are selling to, will help you Narrow down where you want your business to be. If you are targeting young millennials, your best bet would be social media, if you were targeting the older community, direct messaging platforms would work better. Basically by understanding who your audience is helps determine where you should be.

The type of business you run also influences where you should be. If your business , For example is a photography studio, you would want to be on Instagram and Pinterest because it is a picture-based platform. If you were into education and tutorials, Youtube will be your best friend. It all depends on you and what you want . It is not necessary you be on social media platform, just choose the one that best fits the kind of content you’ll be giving out.

What are the platforms for?

Google is basically where everybody and anybody will get information from the internet. It doesn’t matter who your customers are, they are all searching on Google. Setting up Google my business page is the first step and this a platform that people are yet to leverage on totally. This business listing helps put you in the forefront of your customer whenever they search for your service/products.

Social media is primarily to facilitate social interactions and it it’s the best place to find everyone off guard in one place. I advise any business owner to have a social media page on either Facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIn. Never underrate the power of social media.

YouTube is considered under social media but this a platform that drives the most video content on the planet! If you are a video based content curator, you will want to be on YouTube. People are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy article.

Emails are another good way to get your customers attention so you might want to have a Mailchimp account. Grow your mailing list and reach out to more people.

Growing a community through Messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram can also a beautiful idea to carry all your audience along.

Blog Site; You can choose to adopt platforms like Medium to share your own content on relevant information that highlights your business or use your blog on your website to share your content. This also helps add value to people especially if you seek to educate and inform your audience.

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