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Why do you need a website design skill upgrade?

I’m so excited to bring this to your table and i’m serving it hot with a lot of sauce. Over the past months we have looked at the statistics of web designers who aren’t exploring their full potentials. There is always a gab between Skill and knowledge, that is why at every point in one’s journey, one must pause a while to learn from those who have been on that path.

Who is the Trainer?

For this training we will be tapping from Damilola Robert, A successful web developer with over 13 years of experience.

“With over thirteen years in the website design business I have gained a wealth of experience, learned a lot, overcame many challenges especially in the area of charging right for a job and getting a client to see reasons for the charges regardless of lower offerings from counterparts in the web design business .

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Fiverr through a training, I swore I was never going to do any work on Fiverr for the following reasons;
1. The name implies that every service you render gets you five dollars or there about.
2. The platform is already jam packed with a lot of people that could offer better service from around the world.

A question that came to my mind was ‘How was I going to spend hours designing a landing or a whole website and I get paid $20, no way! I thought to myself’

After much thought my solution providing instinct kicked in, it worked once, I got my first job with an American client and I earned $1000, I also was offered a five month retainer at $1800 every month. My excitement growth, around the same time I got another gig from a client in the US, a very simple website at $500 and a monthly retainer of $200 for social media account management. It couldn’t get any better as another gig surfaced shortly , a UI/UX gig from Berlin for $2100, and another client from UAE. The request was to design a single App UI for $150 but because of my developed tactics I was able to get another five screens done at $150 each. Around the same period I got another US client for UI design for a little less at $80 per screens and I was to do 30 screens.

Having profited from this, I believe you too can earn from your skills, become financially independent. I will show you tactics on how to succeed on Fiverr, which could also be used on other platforms, reveal secrets and guide you on how to excel in website design in the Nigeria market space” – Damilola

When is it happening?

On the 25th of May, 2019, all roads will lead to Class hotel, 17 Agbaoku Opebi, Lagos Nigeria Where you will learn everything you need to know to take your web design skills to the Next level.

How do i register?

Visit www.decounty.com/training or click here Now!

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