How To Use Storytelling To Increase Sales.

How To Use Your Brand’s Stories To Increase Lead Generation And Increase Sales

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.” ~Seth Godin

When we meet someone in real life, we ask questions to get to know them better. We listen to their anecdotes, ideas, opinions, and beliefs.

We try to unearth their story, and to tell our own (or some of it, at least). The end goal is to connect. To find a kindred spirit with some similar likes, dislikes, and convictions for friendship, or romance, or some combination of both.

In business, the rules don’t really change. Telling your story is a critical part of building your brand. It helps to shape how people view you and enables consumers to begin forging a connection with you and your company. Do it right, and you’ll put building blocks in place that allow you to develop a thriving brand with an equally thriving future, one that people buy from simply because they love what you do, what you stand for, and the stories you share.

Why is this important?

Stories bring life to your business and these days, people are no longer drawn to your new product or service or idea, they want to know the story behind it and connect with your brand on a personal level.

Imagine you walked into a room full of people with the intentions of selling a product to them. You had 10 seconds to grab their attention and retain it long enough to introduce who you are and what you sell or have to offer them. I can assure you that you will not get more than 3 seconds of their time if you start with a sales pitch.

Now think again and create a story of your brand and why you feel so strongly that your product was capable of solving their pressing needs. I’m sure the image in your mind is attractive enough to have someone listen to it. Now imagine you share that story with a spice of poetry and sound oratory, you will not only get their attention but you will receive a round of applause. Beyond anything else, people want to be inspired.

So imagine you are a freelance photographer, and instead of selling yourself on social media with the “this is who I am and this is what I do” cliché, you decide to use photography to tell a story of a young couple, your neighborhood, your journey in life…. The list is endless! First, your social pages will grow rapidly because your content is authentic, your brand story is relatable and your pictures are beautiful and professional. People will know you for your story and your skill and hire you!!! It’s that simple!

To increase lead generation with storytelling strategy, the steps are really simple;

  1. Create compelling stories that highlight your product or service and ensure you emphasize the urgency of getting your product or service by including a clear call to action on every of your marketing material. You shouldn’t tell stories to entertain but to generate sales
  2. Improve your Content by keeping things clear, simple, and compelling with your headlines, forms, and imagery. Nobody wants boring. Create new ways to tell your story and ensure people are always looking forward to your next product.
  3. Improve your offers by making sure there is one for each phase of the buying cycle.
  4. Improve your entire campaign by testing against best practices. Look for statistically significant conversion rate changes.
  5. Understand your customer persona and learn to appeal to their emotions so as to increase the likelihood of converting them fro leads to buying customers.



To ensure you have not only won their attention but also their pockets, let your product or service stand out for itself! Don’t sell what isn’t 100% legit and don’t offer services you can’t deliver on, the worst thing to happen to your brand is bad customer feedback. Remember, at some point in your brand storytelling, your customers will be doing your storytelling for you.





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