Content Marketing in 2019 ; The Nigerian Perspective

Have you been reading many articles and watching one too many videos on content marketing or even taken courses on content marketing and you still don’t get to get a hang of it works or you haven’t seen any feasible result from your marketing effort? Then this is for you! Especially,if you are a Nigerian.

So it is time to get serious about your content marketing efforts this second quarter of 2019. content  is at the core of our digital, social and mobile world of communication. It is not out of place to emphasize the fact that content is at the center of connection between your brand and your customer. As a Nigerian, this is not a conventional tale of setting up beautiful content strategies and mastering your social and digital platforms, it also involves understanding your customer persona and what will get their attention.

However there are some universal key steps you cannot ignore in 2019 and they include

Creating a content marketing plan because it is important

How important you ask? Well very important as it helps you align your content to your business goals. Having a calendar helps you become organized and task oriented. It also helps you check what works and what isn’t working. And truth is you have only 2 seconds to prove to your audience your content is what the read so you might as well sit your butt down and draft out well thought out ideas

Originality and relevance

In Nigeria this doesn’t mean you need big grammar or poetic lines, truth is Nigerians like being entertained and less of being informed. So analyze your customer persona and take a survey if possible to understand exactly what your readers or followers want to see. It makes no sense wasting  valuable content on people who will never read pass the headline and scroll up.

The power of Micro influencers

You see those guys who have a 1000 followers with 700 likes and 325 comments are the people who you need to look out for not big brother naija stars or high end celebrities. Identify influencers in your industry and collaborate with them to make mentions of you, post about you, inf act out-rightly advertise your brand. It could even be your employee or customer who could be your number one evangelist and brand advocate. It’s worthy to note that one should ensure they know and trust the people they are collaborating with so as not to hire lazy influencers who do not care about your brand and drag your brand to the mud.

Test new formats

like audio, video, short stories, info-graphics etc and find out which works for you better. These days people tend to engage more with video content and are more drawn to content that has an image. Instagram more times than often draws traffic because it is a picture based platform

Brand storytelling

There should be life to your brand and it should be expressed in your content. treat your brand as a person and make it easier for your audience to relate with.

Data driven content

Data is the central nervous system of your entire marketing strategy. Research on what your customers want to know, get the numbers of how many people actually engage with your content, are they the right people? Analytics play an important role in measuring your ROI and content marketing effort. there are numerous tools that one can use to measure their content’s analytics, like google analytics, hootsuite, twitter analytics etc.

Re-evaluate and re-strategize


Bottom line; there are no sure how to’s to ensure that your content marketing effort yields high ROI, lets not lie to you and feed you lines of “if you do this, then you’d be sure to….” Just know that there are key things you should not ignore and in 2019, your competitors know exactly what you know so you need to be SMART with your company’s goals and follow up with a customized content strategy because in the end after all the hype, you don’t want to finally get a potential customers attention and not have anything to say.

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