Busy Digital Marketing Professional Workspace

I was surfing through the web, trying to research digital marketing solutions that will help my clients get even more fantastic results from online marketing engagements, then I stumbled upon this image captioned “Busy professional’s workspace” I looked at the image for a while wondering why it was captioned that and I realised that this is almost exactly what my table looks.

Each day is filled with doing a lot of data crunching and information gathering on subjects such as Digital Marketing, Social media marketing, Google AdWords, Online selling, influencer research for different brands/products anything and everything that will help us effectively address any Digital marketing objective we might be faced with.

From looking at the table you’d notice items such as a laptop and mouse; the world’s most powerful tool for data crunching of which I spend majority of my  time unlike most people. My mobile devices (iPad and iphone) are on hand  for either testing responsiveness of a landing page or to measure the user experience of a user interface that we create. Present also are multiple writing materials; to capture snippets of information and sudden ideas. In addition I have an assortment of varying colors of pens in my pen-pot.I love to illustrate different elements with variety of colors. Red for money, budget and anything in between, black for illustrations, blue for notes and so on. Sugar free coffee is always a constant resident on my workspace, of course for mental alertness.

My workspace is an exact replica of what’s depicted in the image. Looking at the table you’d wonder “ Why do we have so many items on our workspace?” We

do this because when its thinking and research time especially if its anything about Digital marketing, SEO, Social media and other related areas or creating UI/UX for any brand…. Any form of distraction that takes me off my seat is not entertained, except of course it’s an emergency.

You must be wandering does this guy get up to eat? Oh yes I do, I’m human after all and not one of those robots from the Star Wars as a matter of fact, my table usually has a fruit bowl to suppress the hunger pangs.

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